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My first honey

One week ago I was totally broken after having worked on my two Norwegian hives as a new beginner. It took me a day on the coach to recover. So this weekend I took some measures to make working on the hivesa lot lighter. I made a huge pile of hive roofs beside the two hives, so I don't have to bow or lift so much any longer. As  back operated I really am looking forward in a few weeks having horizontally Top Bar Hives and never bow again for the bees. Although I of course take my heads off for the bees for making that delicious honey. So to make the supers as light as possible yesterday I startet harvesting.

My first harvested honeycomb. As you can see it is rich in pollen, the dark spots in between the honey cells. I cutted the combs and was ready for pressing. As it was my first time doing this it was a few hours later that I had bottled 1,5 kilos of sommer honning. Learning from this that I really need to buy a honey gate valve to make it easier to fill the bottles.

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