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Finally my 'own beespace'

Last wednesdaynight two men of the local beekeeping club helped me move the two hives I bought to their permanent place, 6.5 km from my home, on a farm with potatoes and corn in Stavern. Thanks guys. So no pollen on the farm :(

After moving them the bees needed some days of quite time, not somebody coming to disturb their home. But yesterday time was there to have a look.

As you can see I choose to have my hives quiet high, this because of a backoperation in my youth. The last photo I took myself on a long arm, to show you the bees trying to hurt my face... of course they are angry, I disturbed their home! As you can see, I lifted everything that was possible.

The right hive seems to be very strong and with already a lot of honey and pollen as well as baby bees and eggs. But the left one is doing a lot less. Only some closed larvae/eggs, empty space in the 'yngelrom', so maybe their queen is ill..., or maybe dead. As a beginner I have problems seeing young larvae; they just are too small and not always possible to see them sharp and notice them. I also removed many queen cells they had build everywhere. So maybe next time the bees on the left moved out - found themselves a new home - and I only find the bees in the right hive?

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